When Adam gets separated from his friends in the Harsh Northern Territory outback .
A mysterious severe thunderstorm forces him to seek shelter ...
Desperate , cold and alone , he stumbles upon a small airstrip and it's resident air traffic controller ...
Adam can't believe his luck or his eyes , and he shouldn't - appearances 
can be Deceiving .....
(December -2005)

Starring role performed by  Nick Tate ... 
A very talented actor with many years of experience , with appearances in many well known TV shows & Movies - Space 1999 , Star Trek TNG , Star Trek DS9 , The X-Files , Lost , Hook , Cry Freedom , just to name a few .. visit his website for a full list

Starring along side him is his real life son Tom Tate ...
Who gives a superb performance as the role of "Adam" in this Twilight Zone  styled tale ......

Cast & Crew

Roy - Nick Tate

Adam - Tom Tate

Friend 1 - Kit McDee

Friend 2 - Nathan Ross

Friend 3 - Alex Riewoldt

Written & Directed By - Nathan Ross

Producer - Jase Shepherd

Executive Producer - Dexter Ladd

Director Of Photography - Jorgen Korkman

Production Design - Matthew Bass

Art Director - Charles Smith

Assistant Art Director - Katrina Farrell

First Assitant Director - Florence Gaven

Editor - Nadine Naeser

Sound Recordist - Kristian Ystad

Make-up Artist - Belle Bryen

Script Superviser - Rebecca Baldwin

Assistant Cameraman  - Odd Haugsnes
Head Gaffer  - Julian Filer
Assistant Gaffer - Melanie Cook
Assistant Gaffer/Loader - Dominik Muench
Focus Puller/Loader - Sam Kiwan
Dolly Grip - Chaitanya Kallakuri
Grip Assistant - Christian Reiertsen
Best Boy Electrics - Grahame Shepherd
Stills Photographer - Mark Wedemeyer

Production Supervisor - Alex Fischer
Production Supervisor - Simon Hunter
Production Supervisor - Shawn Kasinger
Second Assistant Director - Shamere Borg
Unit Production Manager - Klaus Koermann

Clapper - Nadine Næser
Steadicam Operator - Robert Cleave
Documentarian - Justin Cerato
Documentarian - Sall Grover
Additional Stills Photographer - ABCK

Assistant to Nick Tate - Danielle Lomas
Assistant to Tom Tate - Tahlia Lollback
VIP Runner - Conrad Langaard
Armorer - Ian Sparke
Catering - Gina Shepherd

Film Processing - Atlab Queensland
Film Telecine Complete Post Melbourne
Telecine Operator - Vincent Taylor

Colour Grade Cutting Edge Brisbane
Colourist Wade Odlum
Film Stock Fujifilm Australia